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one week ago

It seems odd to think that I've been home for a week now. Most of the time I'm still thinking about my trip and reliving some of the highlights through the journal and photos.


Since I slept as much as I did yesterday, staying awake into the early afternoon hours wasn't that much of a problem. The only drawback was that I needed to be somewhere by seven o'clock at night by the latest. So I went from getting close to eight hours of sleep to about maybe three or four at the most.

I think that I used my time wisely though. Before I fell asleep I went through the timetable once more and circled a few more class choices. I already knew that my first choice had been filled before I left for Europe and I was hoping that I could get something else that I liked.

After a few false starts, I finally decided on a class and reserved my seat. The hours aren't quite what I had hoped that they would be, but at least I am back in school in a few weeks.


I may not have written that much for yesterday, but I did manage to upload three entries from my trip. So far I've talked about London, Paris, Munich, Venice and Prague. That still leaves me with Berlin, Amsterdam and Oxford. At the moment I think that four entries per day is my maximum output, but that might change this weekend.

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