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the next step

Going to Europe has to be the best thing that I have done all year. I might even go so far as to say that it is the best thing that I have done in the past ten years of my life. Being there made me feel alive and I am seriously considering working abroad. My current job has no real hold on me and if I don't like what I might find to do overseas then I could always come back. At the moment I truly think that it is worth the risk.

True, I saw Europe from the perspective of a tourist, but all of the history there really appealed to me. Besides this would fulfill my long held wish to be an expatriate where I could chuckle about my country from afar or even better forget about it completely. I have nothing against the United States, but it is hard to look at the country objectively when I have lived here all of my life. While I was away I was truly outside of the bubble. As close as I came to home were the Australians and their country has its own set of problems. Of course I doubt that I'll ever see America as some foreigners do. Some of them go so far as to believe that it is a land where everyone carries guns and does drugs.


The latest issue of The New Yorker had an excellent review of a new Marie Antoinette biography that has just been published. In reading the article I learned more about her than I did in my entire high school and college career. As interesting as it sounded, I have yet to leaf through the three books on the Habsburgs that I picked up from the library a week ago.


Even though I'm no longer on the road, I do still seem to be incredibly busy. Just getting back into my house has taken some time. At first there was the backlog of mail, which was followed by helping my brother move. Then there was my signing up for class this fall done when I wasn't giving away forty hours of my life to my job. All of the normal routine things seem to be taking up all of my time. In fact I haven't even been able to go grocery shopping yet and lived off of submarine sandwiches for most of the week.

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