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I think that the best way to describe my attitude about work would be to say that I feel as though I am stuck in my senior year of high school. What was once a place that meant something to me has grown old and stagnant. My time is done and I know it. Unfortunately I'm not sure where I am going next. Someone needs to recruit me and the guidance counselor seems to be out for the day.

Then again maybe this explains why so many people are in therapy today. They never did get pointed in the right direction and end up doing whatever job comes their way. Naturally that is a gross oversimplification, but it does make me wonder.

Besides my internal feelings about the two places the amount of physical parallels between them is staggering. For example all of the rooms have looked the same for the last few years and I know the routine. Being there feels comfortable and familiar. However I often wonder where I should go next. A person can only go in and out of the same rooms so many times without feeling trapped.

Then there are the people themselves with their habits that make me laugh. This person likes to park here and usually gets to work at this time. That person wants to move ahead in the company and does whatever he can to get there. She on the other hand could care less and would rather be somewhere else. Those two people are seeing one another. That person thinks that that person is good looking. That group of men talks about sports. Those women always go out to eat at the same restaurant. Routine is everywhere.

Gossip and rumors fly around on a daily basis. People complain yet never do anything to make the problem go away and come back the next day and do the same thing.

I truly believe that it is an American tradition to whine about work. Almost everyone seems to do it. Sitcoms are full of that kind of humor and then there is the ever so popular movie Office Space, which has a huge following where I work. Someone seems to quote a line or scene from it at least once a week.

On a slightly larger scale work seems to have just as many cliques as high school did. That department likes to think that they are better than that other department. In their mind they know more so they are more important in the company. You're just a freshman seems to echo through the hall.

The few meetings that we have feel like homeroom and company sponsored events are the same as pep rallies.

I honestly feel as though I am stuck in high school all over again.

Three years ago when I first started at my job there was a mixture of excitement and a small amount of fear. Now all of that is gone. I've seen people leave and others come to take their place. It all seems very natural. A person stays until they need to move on to somewhere else. People should not be in high school for more than four years and somehow that rule should also apply towards a job.

Ten in the morning and my bed is calling me. I have more to say, but sleep is a good thing.

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