chinese new year

After work, I didn't go home right away, but did some shopping and returned some things to the library. When I got home there was a message on my machine from my parents. In the message they wanted to know if I was watching the television and I had no idea why. Then when I did turn on the television, I immediately knew why they had called.

It seems strange to see something so sad happen twice within my life, but at least time this it didn't seem quite as shocking and one knew that there was little hope for the astronauts. There isn't much else to say except that hopefully the space program will continue to move forward and the public will appreciate what those people do when they go into space more than they have in the past.


Jen and I talked tonight before I went into work. It was the first time that we had spoken since she got back from her trip. From what she told me it was far from ideal, but almost every vacation has its flaws. Hers however had some serious ones that made me laugh. There were cold showers, sea sickness and pushy locals at the markets.

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