john and rachael

Once again I have been rediscovering what I have in my music collection. Recent pleasant finds include John Mayer and Rachael Yamagata. Both artists were people that I really liked when I first heard them years ago. Sadly, I never got around to purchasing copies of any of their discs. All that I had from them were a handful of songs downloaded here and there. So maybe since they existed in that marginal state and were not staring back at me from a plastic jewel case, I somehow let their songs fall to the side. Now both artists have risen in the ranks of my heavy rotation list and I am happy to see that Rachael will be releasing a new album in the near future. I may even purchase it.

In another move to get a better grasp on my music collection, I created some new playlists in iTunes. Usually I make a playlist for whatever is the latest new album that I obtain so I can listen to it without having to do through gigs worth of tracks. Sometimes I quickly tire of said album and will delete that playlist. Other times I pick and choose what songs meant the most to me and place them inside a mix playlist in the vague desire to transfer it to a disc of my own design. That does not always happen. So with that in mind, I made a couple of broader playlists with titles such as Electronica and Irish. I guess that one could call these genres and I would agree to a point. I already had a playlist titled Classical, but I suspect that my list called Guilty Pleasures probably would not qualify as a genre, but I knew what I had inside there.

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