Small World

For some reason I dreamt about Tracy last night. Somehow in my dream, I was at her new house. In reality I have never been there, so what I saw was a complete fabrication. My mind borrowed the cabinets from the kitchen of where she used to live. Plus I added some details that would be too hard to explain.

At first she seemed surprised to see me and then we slowly fell into our old roles. I could tell that she was horny. Now I am not saying that I can tell when every woman is horny, but Tracy would certainly let me know when she was in the mood. In reality I must be horny since I was the one who dreamt about her. Nothing really happened in the dream, because someone else came over to the house in the dream. It was her husband, or at least how I imagined him to look, because I have never seen him either.

Christopher was bigger than the last time that I saw him, which makes sense. What didn't make sense was how he looked. He looked like the baby Jesus in those pre-Renaissance Madonna and child paintings, where the body is more suited to a small adult rather than a child.

There was some mention of her new baby, but I never saw it. That's all that I can really remember. I know that Tracy and I talked, but I can't remember what either of us said.

Even though I said I like my job, I decided to start the year by not having to go to work until Monday. What I mean is that I took Friday off. There were too many things going on during Christmas to really consider those days as being a vacation. Besides its my choice if I want to ease into the new year at work.

Today I spoke with someone from my past. Brenda had called me on Tuesday, but since I am so slow in checking my messages I didn't know until today. She was the roommate of this girl that I knew in college. I spent three years trying off and on to get Beth to go out with me. Beth wasn't interested so Brenda and I ended up hanging out instead.

I had seen Brenda a few months ago at Best Buy where she works. We had talked about Beth and what she was doing now and so on. Beth was getting married and Brenda thought that I might be invited. I wasn't, but that didn't really bother me.

It seems that Brenda got divorced since the last time that we spoke and decided to call me. She said that she was cleaning her desk, when she found my number. I am a little nervous about this fact. Brenda doesn't talk to me for months and then finds my number now that she is divorced. Maybe I am overreacting and it was just coincidence, but it does seeem funny. Well, anyway she wants to go out some time, which is fine with me because we did get along pretty well in college. On the other hand, past experience has taught me that divorced women are usually angry and horny at the same time. They have just freed themselves from a miserable relationship and are looking for some kind of release. Its time to have fun again now that they are free. When I met Tracy she was still legally married, but she was ready to move on to someone new and that just happened to be me.

Brenda said that getting married was a mistake. She had married her best friend which wasn't the right thing to do. She said that they had separate beds and everything. Hmmm.

Then there are some of my other women friends who say that their husband is there best friend. This must mean that people have different definitions of what a best friend might be.

There is another less noble reason to go out with Brenda. She works at the same Best Buy as Nicole. I am sure that if I asked Brenda she could find out some stuff about Nicole. All that I would need to know is if she is seeing anyone and when her work schedule is instead of me guessing all of the time.

I really don't think that Brenda has any real interset in me. Maybe I am wrong. I don't know.

I'll be the first to admit that having a woman call me was flattering. Its been a long time since someone has called me first.

In general today was a good day. The weather was warm and I got a lot done. Most of the morning and afternoon was spent cleaning, and I did some grocery shopping tonight.