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eight days left

I was so close to finishing Girlfriend in a Coma before I fell asleep today, but it didn't happen. My sleepy eyelids were stronger than the lure of the final forty pages. Besides by one in the afternoon I had lost my shade on the porch and I could feel my body starting to cook in the heat of the sun.

Some reviews of the book that I have read say that it is merely self-help masquerading as a novel and I think that that is a little harsh. Coupland certainly does try to get a message across, but it doesn't bother me. In my mind most authors are trying to say something when they write a book and sometimes it does sound like preaching Okay, I'll admit that I agree with most of what he said, but I have read far worse doctrines in my life.


So often I don't understand what motivates people today and I often wonder what I am missing. For example, the idea of trying to make as much money as possible escapes me. What does a person do once they have their huge sums of money. From what I can tell they usually want more of it. None of these wealthy people ever seem to be content. Bill Gates never looks happy to me. The man looks miserable.

I'm not asking to be dirt poor, but material wealth has never been the focus of my life. Nor do I think that I have to strive every single moment of my day to get further ahead in life. Sometimes I think that it is okay to just sit and think.

As cliche as it might be, I like simple things like sitting on my porch and reading a book. These next few days in northern Wisconsin are going to be wonderful, because I'll be away from everything that drives me insane. Lounging down by the lake and staring at the sky will become my primary activity. Then again I've been needing a break from my life for a long time now.

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