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miss wyoming

Nervous energy. I am nothing but nervous energy. Two more nights of work and then I am gone for the rest of the month and I am getting more and more excited.

Speaking of excited, I had a genuine geek moment early this evening. I was driving back home from the store when I spotted three attractive women walking down the sidewalk. Now the natural thing for a guy to do is look and that is exactly what I was doing.

The stoplight had yet to change so there I was trying not to get caught looking as they walked by. Being hip and relaxed is not something that I do well sitting in a car. It just doesn't work for me. My best approach is to look distracted or at the very least uninterested.

From what I could tell the three of them must have just come from some sporting activity. Casual clothes and a suggestion of having just worked out was my first clue.

Then it happened, eye contact. The one that made me linger saw me and smiled a perfect smile. I was completely lost at the moment. I can't even remember if I smiled back or just turned away. It was so unexpected.

As I was trying to decide what to do next, the light changed and one of her friends said hi to me. All that I could manage was an awkward wave as I drove off. Ugh. It is amazing how quickly I can regress to the age of twelve and I must have looked like a complete moron.

Part of me was relieved that the light had changed, because I had no idea what I would have said to her and her two friends. Now if my life were a movie I would have turned the car around just to see them again and everything would have fallen into place, but life never seems to work out like it does in movies and my following them probably could have been taken the wrong way.

As I drove away I could see them looking back at me and I wondered what they might have been saying or thinking. Maybe they thought that I was a moron, but I'll never know. It all happened so fast and will probably be forgotten by them in a few hours. What I do know is that she looked good and I won't forget that smile for a few days. Tan muscular legs and a nice smile.

Of course to make myself feel better about missing an opportunity, I keep telling myself that she is either married or dumb as a rock.


It really was perfect weather for an early evening walk or just to be outside. In fact it was so nice that it made it hard for me to do some unfinished chores around the house. Coming back home after three weeks to unwashed dishes can not happen no matter how tempting the weather might be. Then there is the small matter of doing laundry tomorrow morning after work and getting some film for the trip. As I run around trying to get these things done, I can feel the hours slipping by faster and faster.

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