Michelangelo sibyl from the Sistine Chapel


day seven

The trip back to Haiming and on to Munich was nice. The scenery was familiar and I tried to take as many photos as possible. All of the terraced vineyards really amazed me.

This time when we got to Munich we felt like experts. We knew exactly what underground train to take and how to get to Marienplatz. Our next goal was the famous beer garden where the waitresses are dressed in traditional costume and carry huge mugs of beer. From what we were told it was located near the square. My brother also wanted to get a photo of the Glockenspiel, because it was too dark the last time that we were there.

When we emerged from the underground we heard music and wondered why. Then we saw the stage and saw that a concert was in progress. Then when we looked some more we read the banner above the stage. The banner said that the concert was for some kind of European gay festival and we wanted to get away as quickly as possible. The people in the square seemed to be having a nice time, but we really didn't belong there.

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