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same routine

Going back to work last night was so depressing. Almost everything was exactly the same as it had been before I left. It was as though I had walked into a giant time capsule except that it wasn't nearly that interesting, because I had already seen everything that was there.

For weeks I had been around people that did and saw things. Each conversation that I had with them was fresh and exciting. Now I'm back to the daily grind where most of the people operate on auto pilot and I don't want that to happen to me. I have to maintain my momentum.

Thankfully I'll have school to look forward to in a month along with the theater season starting up again. I definitely need something to keep me happy, because my job certainly doesn't do that for me.

As far as I could tell only two things had changed. One of which was that our newest member in the department had broke up with her boyfriend. Another coworker had predicted that this would happen, because the two of them had met over in the internet. He felt that it was doomed from the beginning. I on the other hand chose not to comment.

So part of the night was spent listening to her explain why she was so unhappy and what had gone wrong. I didn't know what to do or tell her so I merely sat and listened. Her story wasn't something new to me. I had heard other ones like it before, but that didn't make it any less painful for her.

To add another twist to the story I have to mention the fact that she moved to Wisconsin just for him. She doesn't have any family or friends here to support her. It wasn't something that I had expected to hear on my first night back to work. I was just hoping to ride out my post vacation high in peace.

My second surprise of the night was seeing that three other people in my department are being sent to school for more training in the coming months. My name, however, was painfully absent from that calendar. Now I can see this going in two different directions. I can either believe that I can still have a chance now that I am back or learn that I missed my chance and get completely upset that I was overlooked.

I am hoping that the former scenario is the one that will come true, but I can't be certain. If the second one is the reality than I will definitely be leaving the company in the spring, because I know that I can do far better than what I am doing now. I did my two years here and it is time for a serious salary upgrade.

At the moment a number of ideas are rattling around inside my head. Some of them are more plausible than others, but it feels good to dream again. One of the more extreme ideas is to become a tour guide for the company that I just used for the past few weeks in Europe. Their operating season runs from May to September and the idea of seeing Europe for that length of time sounds great.

Another possibility would be to chuck my job, get a work visa for London and save some pounds for about a year. Then I quit my job again and travel the world with the strength of the English pound behind me. Even though it sounds risky, it is exactly what some of the Australians that I met in Europe had done.


I never thought about work the whole time that I was away. About as close as I came was when I had to tell people what I did for a living. I truly miss that wonderful feeling of freedom.

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