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drinking through europe

After work this morning I let myself sleep for twelve hours and I think that that was what my body needed. Ever since we were caught in the rain in Amsterdam I've had a mild case of sniffles. Now I am starting to feel like myself again.


All of that time asleep also gave me a chance to put work out of my mind. It seems that our resident prima donna thinks that I'm not doing my job in the department. Somehow I don't seem to measure up to her standards. She has done this in the past and I usually just blow it off. Her opinion has very little affect on me. This time it was a little different though

She openly attacked me in our ticketing system. Usually I hear her comments secondhand from a friend, but this time it was out in the open for all to see. Personally I think that she needs to get a better grip on reality and someone seriously needs to tell her that her shit still stinks.

She is one of those people who desperately craves attention and wants everyone to think that she knows everything. In her mind no one does the job as well as she can. The truth is quite different though. More than once I have seen her make a mistake and try to minimize it.

I know that I am not alone in my opinion of her, our newest female member also agrees with me. In fact she was the one that pointed out what the supreme one had said about me. It isn't just the two of us that feel this way either. The overall opinion of the enchanted one within the department is less than favorable. The keyword for her is fake.

The person that I truly feel sorry for is the boyfriend of the prima donna. She must be unbearable on the home front. Then again he strikes me as a sad character. From what I understand he is thirty-nine and she is just twenty-six. I sense some father figure action going on there.

The other thing that I can't stand is the way she will be completely nice to my face and then turn and say things when I'm not there. She is one sad individual who will probably be stepped on by someone else in her climb up the ladder.


I neglected to mention that I got my photos from my trip yesterday and I have to say that I impressed myself. For not having taken any pictures in over a year, some of my shots of Venice almost look like postcards. The color and composition is almost perfect. Second to Venice would be my shots of the mountains in Austria. All of them trigger some great memories.

My only regret is that I didn't take enough photos of Berlin. Even worse is that I don't have any of Amsterdam. Somehow we were too busy wandering the streets to take pictures.


During my time with my brother I learned some new things about him. Foremost was that he likes to fall asleep with his headphones on listening to music. Now this wouldn't be so bad except that I can hear the music just as well as he can. For example, one time I was asleep and woke up wondering what the sound was coming from the window. My brother was standing by it, so I asked him what was going on outside. Then he turned around and the noise stopped. It was his music that I was hearing or at least the basic beat of it.

He loves techno and was in heaven when he discovered a new Austrian group. We were in a store in Vienna and he said that he liked what was playing over the speakers. Later that might he went back and asked them what was the name of the group and went home with a copy of the cd. It was his most cherished purchase of the trip.

The second thing that I learned about my brother was how much he likes to drink beer. I think that he drank in every city where we stopped. From what I can remember he drank in Munich, Venice, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and London. Not only did he drink there, but he brought home eight different kinds of beer with him.

As for me I only remember drinking in Munich, Prague and Amsterdam. It seemed compulsory in Munich and Amsterdam, but I think that I liked the Czech beer the best.

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