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indian pacific railroad

Part of the reason that I stayed awake as long as l did on Saturday was that I caught the first part of the program where a man traveled across Australia by train. Last time all that I saw was when he was in Victoria and Tasmania. This time I saw him going west to Perth on the Indian Pacific Railroad. Along the way he stopped in an old train town that only has three permanent residents left in it. I think that the town might have been called Cook, but I'm not sure anymore.


At work I took a break from the guidebooks to read some of a Habsburg book that I picked up at the same time as the Australia books. Even though I only had two hours of sleep staying awake wasn't much of a problem.


When Ann came in to work this morning I was happy to see that she was in a much better mood than she was on Saturday night. It seems that everything is fine once again between her boyfriend and her. After she left work in a funk Saturday night, he pulled alongside her as she drove home. Once again he was bearing gifts and apologies.

Now I know that all of this is very serious to Ann, but I have to confess that I find it to be very amusing.


There was another fringe benefit of my going to Europe that I haven't mentioned yet. Besides meeting all of the people and seeing the sites, I also got in great shape while I was there. Something about walking four hours or more a day tends to firm the muscles. Not only was I active everywhere that we went, I also ate far less than I do at home. The combination of these two factors made a great fitness program that I couldn't possibly adhere to now that I am back home. Part of me wishes that I could though.

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