Michelangelo sibyl from the Sistine Chapel



It's only quarter after two in the afternoon and I am seriously tired. Yes, I am still on my third shift schedule. In fact I've been awake since ten o'clock last night if I remember correctly. At least I managed to get my laundry done late this morning. While I was there I read some more of my Habsburg book.


Quarter after three in the afternoon. I couldn't sleep. Instead of sleeping I listened to the little girl that lives downstairs cry about something.

When she stopped I started to read. Jose had given me a pile of comic books to read. They're from a new company called CrossGen and none of it appeals to me. I think that the coloring is too bright on the books and the fantasy element really turns me off. I'm not a huge fan of the superhero genre either, but this stuff seems even weaker than some of the fare that Marvel and DC peddle on a monthly basis.

So far I've only read one from a stack of eight, but I'll try to read all of them by tomorrow so that I can return them. Apparently they are launching four titles at once that will be interconnected. I've seen this happen in the industry before and it usually fails within a year or two. Valiant started by Jim Shooter died after a few years and he's been in the business for decades. Most of the people in this effort are fairly new to the industry so maybe they think that they have a better chance.

One thing did catch my attention though. The flagship title is drawn by none other than Brandon Peterson. Now I am sure that most people outside of the industry have never heard of him, but I've not only heard of him, I also went to college with him. I was there when Brandon was first honing his drawing skills and taking a small amount of flak from the professors for not doing something a little more elevated.

Personally I don't think that Brandon ever had any intention of being a traditional artist and the comic book industry seems to suit him. I'm not denying that he has talent. I'm just saying that he wasn't the moody artist either. The phrase damning with faint praise seems to fit here.

I suppose that I don't have any right to criticize since I'm not going to be forming a company any time in the near future. I hope that this works out for him.


After I tired of the comics, I switched over to something a little more personal. Sometime last week another letter from Siobhan arrived in the mail, but I didn't get around to reading it until today. A familiar voice that I have never heard, but I always like to hear.


People often make fun of the Midwest, but I have to say that it is a good place to raise a family if that is your goal in life. In general neighborhoods tend to be safe and children can play without fear. Sometimes, however, I have to wonder if people tend to go a little too far in the trust department.

Mixed in with some bills and junk mail was an odd letter from a woman asking for someone to walk her son to junior kindergarten in the afternoon. She listed the times and days when he would need to go and even gave the amount that she was willing to pay for such a service. For some reason I found this to be very odd.


Four in the afternoon. Suddenly sleep is starting to sound like a good idea again.

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