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half made plans

In hindsight I realize that I whined way too much about that film yesterday. I almost sounded silly and part of me regrets what I wrote. All that I was trying to say was that it could have been done better, but I won't talk about it anymore. Sometimes I amaze even myself about the things that can get me going on a rant.


Work went well last night, but I think that I over extended myself when I got home this morning. Before I left a hasty plan had been made to see a movie with a couple of coworkers this afternoon and this was fine with me. I was wide awake and didn't have a problem staying awake for a matinee. However, within an hour of me being home, one friend called and said that he had changed his mind. Now what he neglected to tell me was whether or not he had spoken to the third member of our party. What this meant is that I spent the next two hours or so trying to reach this other person to say that the plan had been called off.

Eventually he called me back and said that he knew that we weren't going, but for some reason not knowing what he knew bothered me. From my point of view, I had other things that needed to be done and I was tired of waiting for the phone to ring. Somehow my pleasant mood of the past few days turned sour within a short amount of time.

When I wasn't waiting for the phone to ring I was on the phone ordering tickets for another kind of show next week. Last night we had agreed that we both could go on Monday. However, when I called, they said that there weren't any tickets available for Monday. Sunday and Tuesday were are only options with my odd work schedule. Once again I couldn't reach my friend to see what day was a better choice.

After a small amount of panic, I decided that Tuesday would be the better choice and I am hoping that that will work for both of us, because the tickets are non-refundable. Sigh.

Whenever this emotional domino effect happens, I can never seem to stop it. Everything keeps falling until there isn't anything left standing or at least that is how I see it.

Once I get all wound up, I have a very hard time of winding down. A cooling off period is a foreign concept to me. Either I am in a natural high on life kind of mood or I am my more mellow self just passing on through life. I like to think that it is a burden that I can bear without too much effort.

Having another multiple hour conversation with Ann also did some things to my brain. We both seem to be thinking about one another quite often, but I hestitate to say more at this point. Maybe my handing her a recent article about how a woman can prolong her orgasm may not have been the best move on my part. It certainly was an icebreaker.

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