Michelangelo sibyl from the Sistine Chapel


not enough sleep

Last night at work I put aside the guidebooks to start reading an autobiography, The Road from Coorain by Jill Ker Conway. It's in keeping with my recent fascination with Australia, but it isn't quite as dry as a guidebook. At the moment I'm only about some twenty pages into it, so I can't form a true opinion just yet. Usually I need to read at least thirty pages of a book before I can get fully absorbed into it. If I can't get past that point, then I put the book away and get someting else to read.


The sound of the doorbell tore me from my sleep. Some moron had placed a flyer on my door offering cable television, rang the bell and then walked away. I think that I might have spotted him at the end of my drive, but I was so disoriented that I didn't say anything. All that I wanted to do was crawl back into bed even though had I already been asleep for about six hours. My body was telling me that I needed at least another hour or two more of sleep.

The worst part is that I was in such a good mood when I came home from work in the morning. The last thing that I had done at work managed to impress my coworkers and it was a great way for me to end the day.

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