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some thinking time

Somehow in my zombie state, I still managed to place two diferent orders at Amazon yesterday. In my altered state of mind it seemed like a good time to buy some more luxury items to occupy myself with through the weekend. For me this usually means anything from books to new cds. Actually between both orders, there were two videos, two cds and one book.

One of the videos was a copy of The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I'd seen it years ago, but now I'm curious to see how much of Prague I'll recognize since I've been there. The second video was a foreign film called Un Coeur En Hiver with Emmanuele Beart who most people know as the love interest from the first Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie.

Now it's just a matter of waiting for them to arrive in the mail.


Unlike the last two Saturdays where I was busy hanging out at someone's house, this is going to be more of a quiet weekend and I am looking forward to it. I'll be able to get some reading done and I won't spend my weekend trying to catch up on lost sleep. There are also some things that I need to take care of that I've been neglecting for the past few weeks. For example school starts in less than two weeks and I still don't have my ID or my books yet. Worrying about these kinds of things feels odd after being away from college for so long. I'll be a student again and I can't help but smirk.


It sounds like I am reaching for something to say today, but I don't want to be one of those people that keeps telling the same stories over and over again. Nor am I depressed. Things are just quiet and I don't really feel the need to talk today.

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