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Thunder and lightning kept me from updating the journal before I fell asleep. Staying online seemed a little unwise with all of the electricity in the air. Instead of writing, I went from window to window watching the rain pour down into the street. It had been a long time since I'd seen the rain pelt the ground that hard or felt the thunder shake the house and I was loving it.

After I got bored with looking out the windows, I decided to do some reading. From what I can remember I read for about fifteen minutes before turning over to take a small nap. Well, I must have been more tired than I thought, because when I woke from my small nap seven hours had passed. What was even more amazing was that I must not have moved once from where I was in the bed, because the book that I had been reading was in the same exact spot next to my side. I hadn't even lost my page or rolled over it.


I've gotten slightly further in reading The Road From Coorain, but the momentum is building now and the rest of the book should go by faster. If anything I am getting a far more personal view of Australia than anything that I've read in a guidebook. Some of it is probably dated now, but it still makes for good reading.


I just took a look at the personality test that I took a year ago and it made me shake my head. The response that I wrote the following day is even better. Personally I hope that I have grown a little more mellow since then.

It must have been an even slower day than today.

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