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hazy and humid

Tonight I did something that might seem a little shocking to some people. I went and saw a production of the somewhat faux Irish dance phenomenon known as Riverdance. Yes, I went of my own free will and devoid of any outside influence. Actually last week I had invited Ann to go with me and we had a good time together.

The show itself has come to Milwaukee a few times before, but I never got around to getting tickets until now. From multiple viewings on public television I had a pretty good idea of what to expect and it certainly was worth my time. For me I see it as an odd blend of the highbrow and the lowbrow in the entertainment world. Then again something about seeing women in short velvet dresses stomping away has an appeal all of its own.

Putting aside some of the heavy handed narration and hammy staging, I was very impressed by the dancing. Those people has some incredible stamina and the talent really does come through in the performances. I was also very happy see a live eight piece band providing the music. Part of me had thought that the music would be prerecorded with the exception of a violin player or something along those lines.

From our vantage point in the eighth row Ann and I could see and hear everything perfectly. Once in awhile she would tilt her head to get a better look at the dancers' feet as they moved across the stage.

What was even more amusing and memorable for me was watching the expression on Ann's face. She was completely into it and every so often would bury her face into my shoulder and chest when she got so excited. It was almost as though she was a little kid.

Other times she was trying to suppress her laughter. It seems that a fellow audience member sitting in the row behind us had hit the refreshment bar pretty heavily during the intermission. Throughout the first half of the performance this person had been quiet, but now this individual felt the need to shout comments loudly and frequently. Our favorite expression was "it's all good" said in a slightly Southern gravel drawl.


I offered to buy a velvet outfit for Ann to wear so that she could dance just like the people in the show. This comment was met with a swift but good natured smack to my chest. Despite her objections to my suggestion, I still think that she would look stunning in said attire. She, however, felt that the costumes must have been designed by a man due to their short length.


The only awkward part of the evening was when I took Ann home. She got real quiet the closer we got to her house and I don't think that she quite knew how to say good night to me.


There is one more thing that I need to take care of before I go to school next week. I need to get a bus pass. Parking downtown wasn't a problem yesterday, but once classes start being able to find a spot will be a much bigger challenge when I get there in the afternoon. If it was a morning class then I might have a better chance. Unfortunately by two in the afternoon whoever needs to be there for the day is probably already there and won't be leaving until later in the day.


The next few months will be a real balancing act for me. Soon I'll have school twice a week, but I also need to start focusing some more on my job even though I want to break free of my current career path. Somehow I'll have to find a way to keep dividing my time between something that pays my bills and something that interests me. Maybe someday the two of them will the same thing.

Ever so slowly I am coming to realize that I want to be one of those people that reinvents themselves every few years and personally I think that I am due.

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