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down by the river

When I mentioned reinventing myself yesterday, I didn't mean changing my personality. What I meant was changing my focus and or surroundings in my life.


Going out with Ann last night was fun. Naturally there were a few snags along the way, but nothing that we couldn't laugh about and keep on having a good time.

The first semi-snag was me arriving at her place thirty minutes early. In my usual overcompensating manner I wasn't sure that I would be able to find her place and as a result left earlier than I needed. I also have a bad habit of zooming past streets when I am given directions to follow which was exactly what I did when I was just a few blocks from her place. Thankfully she took my early arrival in stride and maybe it was better than being late. After she changed her clothes and did a couple of quick searches for her shoes, we were out the door.

When we walked to my car she said that she had guessed that it was my car when she saw it in the parking lot at work. We leave at different times so she has never seen me in it, but she said that something about it told her that it belonged to me. I'm not really quite sure what to make of that comment. I didn't realize that my personality screamed out Pontiac Sunfire.

My second embarrassing moment happened after we parked the car. My mental navigation had gotten mixed up with circling the block to get into the parking complex and we ended up walking a block in the wrong direction. No doubt the man that we passed twice probably thought that we were insane. Once again she forgave me and we made our way into the theater.

She said the reason that I had us walk the wrong way was that I knew we would be sitting for hours and I wanted to have us tired enough to sit. It worked for me.


Even though I've lived most of my life in and around the city of Milwaukee this was the first time that I had ever been in the Riverside Theater. Both of us were very impressed by the elegant interior. From what I know it was built around the beginning of the twentieth century and they just restored it about two decades ago. From what we saw, I think that they did a great job.

While we were standing in the lobby and admiring the decor, Ann kept making references to the movie Titanic and this prompted me to ask her which was one of us was going to drown by the end of the night. She said that it would be me of course.


Another memorable moment from last night happened after the somewhat half-hearted standing ovation for the performance. Suddenly Ann knowing that I had to get to work grabbed my hand and dashed up the aisle toward the exit with me trying not to trip behind her. When we had first tried to get through the door to our seats, we ended up waiting behind at least three elderly women with canes. My guess is that she was trying to avoid that kind of scene on our exit.

It was cute and touching having her leading us out with her hand firmly holding mine. I wasn't about to let go of her.


My parents called me in the middle of the day. Usually I have the ringer on my phone turned off when I am sleeping but I must have forgot this time. It seems that their computer wasn't working and they were calling me for technical support. Considering the fact that I had just fallen asleep about an hour before they called, this was probably not the best time to ask me questions that required some serious concentration.

After a few attempts at trying to restore their system software, I accidentally told them to do a complete install. Naturally this fixed the problem, but erased all of their personal files. Somehow I doubt that this was the kind of solution that they were hoping for when they called me.

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