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I'd been asleep for about an hour when the doorbell rang. I slipped on some clothes and stumbled down the stairs to open the door. Standing on the other side was my mom and sister Hope. They were in the area and decided to stop by for a visit. Even though I've been at my place for fifteen months this was the first time Hope had ever seen my place and she liked it.

I guess that she is thinking about getting a new place by herself since she is having room mate problems. In less than a year she has had two different ones and neither of them have made her happy. Of course she'll freely admit that part of the problem is her. She knows that she would be better off living by herself, but there is that small matter of a lease to consider first before anything can be done to change the situation.


A friend had given me the movie Swordfish to watch and I just shook my head when the credits finally started to roll. It was bad and I can not understand why those kinds of movies get made as often as they do. The plot was weak and I cared less for any of the characters. Actually I forgot most of the movie as soon as it ended.


Joe Millionaire. Yes, I watch and will keep watching until the final episode. Most people have some kind of guilty pleasure and that would be one of mine. Besides the dialogue on each episode almost always makes me laugh. Here are some of my favorite recent scenes:

Melissa said that she would go to Africa so that she could bathe small hungry children and do other mercenary things. Okay. I think that she meant merciful and not mercenary. One involves kindness and the other involves killing. I am hoping that she knows the difference.

Then when they went on their date she slowly realized that he saw her as little sister and not as a lover. This was interspersed with the two of them on the beach watching the sun set with Evan talking about his friend's injury to his toe. There wasn't much romance there and that was her last chance, because she was eliminated.

In the voiceover Sarah says that Evan is unrefined, but that can change with time. I wish her the best in that pursuit and suspect that she will be the one he chooses in the end.

Sarah and Evan were eating at some restaurant and ordered some kind of dough puffs. He asked her what was inside them and she said nothing. It was the dough that mattered. Then he went on to say that he had seen them filled with meat. She said that's called ravioli.

I couldn't stop laughing.

Zora told him that she had a dream about him and that in the dream he was two people with different names. When he heard that from her, he got spooked and thought that she knew he was lying about the money. Not surprisingly they didn't talk much more on their date.

Part of me thinks that these people are sincere, but at the same time the cameras are rolling so that has to change their behavior in some way.

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