now leaving childhood

Nicole had a bad day at work and there was nothing that I could do about it except to try and make her laugh. My plan was to do that in person instead of over the phone, but that didn't happen. By the time that I went looking for at the end of my day, I couldn't find her and suspect that she may have gone home early.

Obviously I care about Nicole a great deal and think about her often. Her being a part of my life is something that hope will continue for years, because at the moment I can not imagine her not being part of it. If she does quit in March, I'm not sure what I will do without being able to see and talk with her as much as I do.

We've known one another longer than the time I was with any of my old girlfriends and I think that says something about how well we get along with each other. Of course one might also say that our not being a couple is what has kept us friends for so long. If we did get closer, it may only drive us apart and I don't want that to happen.


My first night off from work was slow, but at least it wasn't depressing. With the return of the cold, I didn't mind spending two hours in front of the television. Huddled under an afghan I sat through both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville.

I can feel that the end is near for Buffy as multiple plot threads are being tied up so that the program can end in some kind of climax. I didn't say good, because that may not happen.

Smallville on the other hand just seems to be plodding along with no real direction. Despite the mundane quality of tonight's episode, there was one odd piece of dialogue that caught my attention and must have slipped past the censors.

In the cave Chloe says to the professor, "You're the cunning linguist..."

To me that sounded awfully close to cunnilingus, which is much funnier.

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