kiss gong li

I think I finally broke my habit of wasting my weekend. Oh, the day wasn't packed with activity, but I didn't sleep it away either. Nor did I spend the day in front of the television. There was a healthy mix of sleep, reading and trying not to be depressed.


The two Chinese silk lanterns that I had ordered online were delivered today and when I took them out of the box I had a mixed reaction about them. Appearance wise they look great, but on a functional level they leave much to be desired. Oh, I knew that there would be the matter of the wire to conceal, but I thought that the bulb fixture would be seated inside somehow instead of just hanging loose from above. At the moment I am thinking of just using them as decorative pieces rather than as lamps. I guess that this means that I am only getting half of my money's worth out of them, but I really don't think that I'll be able to hide that much wiring.

After seeing Raise the Red Lanterns so many times, my expectations were probably too high anyway. Those lanterns were much larger, candlelit and extremely elegant. What I have in my possession doesn't quite match that example.


When I took my afternoon nap in an effort to maintain a third shift schedule, I had my computer download some new software to upgrade my system. Once that was done and installed, I went in search of some new music and came away with about twenty new songs to add to my collection.

Since I refuse to listen to the radio anymore and live in a music vacuum of sorts finding new music that I like has not been easy the last couple of years. Every few weeks my brother will let me know what he's found and Amazon also suggests some new things when I buy from them, but it isn't the same as living with a college disc jockey.

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