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With a click of the mouse, I depleted my entire vacation fund late this morning. Obviously the money was put aside to be spent on a trip, but it does still make me wince ever so slightly to see it go that quickly. Of course I have yet to actually set foot in New Zealand, but at least I'll know when I am there that I won't owe anything when I get back home.

Part of me wishes that I hadn't spent what I did on my redecorating plan because that made my budget even tighter until I leave, but I needed something to occupy my time last month and that seemed to work for me. Besides once I get back home, I'll probably finish what I started.

Speaking of redecorating, the Chinese lanterns have yet to be hung. I keep trying to decide where they'll look the best in my living room and have come to the conclusion that I need more than two in order to do the job. Of course that will have to wait until I get back from New Zealand, because I need to save as much as I can for spending money while I am there. It isn't as though I buy a lot of souvenirs, I just like having a cushion of money in case I need it.


In my music download frenzy yesterday I was determined to find one particular song that has become a challenge of sorts for me. I wanted to get a copy of Erasure doing Solsbury Hill that I first heard in the store where I got Nicole's birthday present. Even though I was online searching for hours, I didn't find it. Oh, I found and now have two versions of the song, but neither of them was the one that I heard that afternoon. Maybe the version that I like isn't as appealing to other people so no one has bothered to upload it. Of course knowing the name of the remix would probably help in my quest.

Besides Erasure I'm still trying to get as much Leona Naess as I possibly can. For some reason Charm Attack is the song that gets uploaded the most and she has so much more to offer.

Billy Corgan is back and no one told me. As I said the other day I do tend to exist in a musical vacuum so I was very happy to discover that Billy was back making music. It was on some web site that I can't remember where I saw he had just released a new album under the name of Zwan. Now I was never that great a fan of Smashing Pumpkins, but once in a while he'd get it right. Drown from the singles soundtrack and Disarm are classics to me. 1979 isn't bad either with a video that glorifies the fine art of toilet papering.

So far I've only heard three tracks from Mary Star of the Sea, but I'd almost have to say that I like it better than what Smashing Pumpkins was peddling when they were together.

Downloading songs on my days off seems to be a god way to spend those late night hours when I'm awake.


Jen and I are going out to eat next Wednesday with some friends of hers and I'm not quite sure what to expect. As of now most of her friends are just names to me since when Jen and I get together it's usually just the two of us. The Tori concert and one party months ago were the two times that I ever met any of them. So if anything happens next week I'll finally be able to put some faces with the names and the stories that she tells me. I am also wondering if she won't try to set me up with a friend of hers since she isn't interested in me nor I her. Then again this might be a little too close to Disappointment Day otherwise known as Valentine's Day.

Now this is me just speculating, but I am guessing that any of her friends would be probably be too young for me. Yes, I get along with Jen who is almost ten years younger than me, but we had class together and can talk movies. Her friends may not connect as well with me. Then again I doubt that I'll be happy with anyone until less said woman can get Nicole out of my thoughts.


Nothing extraordinary happened on ER tonight, but I still enjoyed it anyway. I am guessing that the guy with the testicular cancer was William from Almost Famous, but I'm not positive. His bald head threw me off, but his voice sounded about right. Another plus for me was the writers doing an entire episode without some offbeat sex subplot.


In the final thirty minutes of the day I read some more of Welsh's latest.

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