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Since Friday in my world is my Monday, I didn't do much today except clean my place a little, take out some cardboard out to recycle bin and then do a couple loads of laundry. Those less than fun activities were enough to make the day feel partly complete in some sad way.

I couldn't think of any real reason to leave the house even though the sun was shining. Besides having spent all of that money on my trip earlier this week, I didn't feel the need to go out and spend any more just so that I could have some fun. For some reason whenever I have free time I have the urge to buy things even though I don't need anything new.

If it wasn't for the journal, I have a feeling that I would lose all track of time on my days off. Without the need to be anywhere knowing the day of the week doesn't seem all that important. Oh, I still shave, shower and eat, but there isn't any set schedule for those things. I just do them whenever I feel is the best time. Sometimes I wonder what my neighbors must think when I don't open the blinds until noon. Maybe they don't notice, because other times I close them at noon when I need to go to sleep.

The four on three off pattern is a real contrast in my small repetitious world and I can't believe that I'm the same person for both of them.

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