second bedroom mess

Rather than spending my entire day outside enjoying the weather, I decided that it was time to rearrange my second bedroom. Sigh. It did not go well. Cleaning out the room wasn't the source of my frustration. It was my execution of it that was flawed.

In hindsight, I have come to realize what I did wrong. Before I did anything in the room, I should have invested in some of those moving coasters or whatever they are called. Trying to move one of those home assembled computer desks by myself was a disaster. Owning those simple pieces of equipment probably would have spared me some serious frustration.

As most people probably know, those home computer desks are anything but sturdy. By the time I was halfway across the room, most of the major joints had pulled apart and I was convinced that the whole thing was going to collapse into a pile of particle board. I was half tempted to just throw the whole thing out and start over with something new. Thankfully that didn't happen and I managed to move the desk from one side of the room to the other without completely destroying it.

There were two reasons motivating this project. One of them had to do with seeing all of the stuff that my parents had accumulated over the years. Now I may not have lived in my place for nineteen years, but almost three is enough time to collect things that I either no longer need and or use anymore. My first goal was to get rid of some of those things that matched that description. I have no intention of hoarding things for years and then having to throw them all out when I do decide to move somewhere else. I may as well part with things on a yearly basis and spare myself some pain in the future.

A second reason for moving the desk had to do with cable internet access. After years of being content using dial up, I finally succumbed to paying for what some people say that they can not live without when it comes to browsing the web. So in an effort to make things easier for the install that is going to happen this coming Tuesday, I moved the desk to the wall that has the cable jack in it. Before I moved the desk it was up against the wall with the telephone jack.

Besides moving the desk, I had to spin a full sized couch in the room at the same time. Due to limited this space this meant that I had to move these two pieces of furniture in tandem. Somewhere in my haphazard planning I correctly decided that moving two bulky things within a confined space was enough hassle for me so I emptied the bookcase before I did anything else.

As I was emptying the bookcase, I decided that some of those books could probably be sold. I think that it was the dust in front of them that prompted this decision.

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