beware dust bunnies

Most of today was spent sifting through the mess that I made of my house yesterday. On the positive side, I have to say that the second bedroom does look much better now without all of the clutter that had been collecting dust there for months. Sadly that clutter hasn't completely disappeared. Most of it was just relocated to either my living room and or kitchen. At least there I see it every day and there is more incentive to do something about it rather than being hidden in the second bedroom.

Besides the clutter, I also kept the majority of my comic books boxes in that room. So when I moved them I took that opportunity to check and see what I could sell. I've been trying for the past couple of weeks without success to sell some of my unwanted issues. Judging from the lack of response no one else wants them either.

My suspicion is that either I have to sell the latest and hottest stuff on the market or I need to sell books in bulk in order to make a sale. As to which of these two options I want to explore has yet to be decided. Realistically the second option is probably the more likely one for me since I tend not to read the hottest stuff on the market such as any of the Ultimate line from Marvel. The only other hot stuff that I own at the moment would be my issues of Y: The Last Man and I have no intention of parting with those books.

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