old cornish myth

Now I've never been that big of a King Arthur follower, but the Mists of Avalon did not appeal to me at all. It was described as having a feminist slant to that familiar story and I readily agree. Most of the male characters were shoved to the background or were seen being manipulated by the women who clearly ran the show. For example, Merlin barely had any lines and had little to do with Arthur, whereas Morgaine was seen as a heroine wronged by other versions of the tale and was the catalyst for everything that happened. Her opening voiceover said that most of the stories that we had been told about Arthur were in fact lies. Now instead of this statement drawing me in to the Mists of Avalon, I was repelled and hostile towards most of it because of that pretentious attitude. About the best thing that I can say about the movie is that the costumes and locations were pretty. The story and the acting were pathetic. What did amuse was seeing Michael Vartan from Alias playing Lancelot.

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