no holiday here

From what I remember from when I was growing up, the Fourth of July was never that important of a holiday for me. As far as I was concerned, fireworks were better on television and one could avoid the crowds by staying home. Yes, that may sound odd or even slightly unpatriotic, but it was true. Plus instead of a day of celebration filled with fun, the fourth was a day that I dreaded many a summer for one very special reason. For me it meant that the halfway point of summer had been reached and from this point forward it was all downhill. In my mind school was less than two months away and even if I didn't want to think about it, the back to school ads would start to appear everywhere slowly filling me with more and more dread. All of that media bombardment made my stomach turn. My freedom was running out and it all started with the Fourth of July.

Now as an adult the day has even less meaning for me. This entire weekend was just like any other week at work for me.

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