More Laundry

Friday night was the going away party for Brenda and of course I was the first one to show at the restaurant. Apparently everyone else was still at the store. Since no one was there when I showed up, I went to the book store and bought a copy of Moon Shot The Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon. I also saw the book that Buzz Aldrin wrote, but left it for another day. When I returned to the restaurant for the second time, Brenda and some of her friends were there.

Some of the people from Best Buy are becoming more familiar to me, but I am still amazed at how many people can talk about their job for so long. Five minutes is enough for me. The customer stories are funny, but the store politics mean nothing to me.

On Saturday when her father came over to visit, both Brenda and myself were tired from the previous night. She had a hangover, but I didn't. I would think that she would be a better judge of alcohol since she drinks on an almost daily basis, but I guess not.

Later that night we did laundry. Highlights included two college aged girls doing their laundry at the same time as us. It seems that they had gone to the bar across the street while they were waiting for their loads to finish. Maybe alcohol makes laundry more fun.

Looking at the college girls I know that I am getting old. One of them was wearing these jeans that just hung on her hips and one of those baby tees. Now I know that wasn't the fashion when I was in college.

While unloading the dryer one of the girls dropped some of her underwear and Brenda returned it to the girl. Part of me wonders if that underwear was supposed to be picked up by me, because the girls started to giggle to themselves when Brenda returned it. They certainly could have folded their laundry somewhere else away from us.

Sunday activities included shopping for more of the Disney version of Beanie Babies and using the gift certificate at Bath and Body Works that I had gotten for her. She spent sixty five dollars at the Disney store and much sniffing was done at Bath and Body Works as we sampled the various scents.

Being with Brenda or being with another person in general does teach you something about yourself. Yes, we still disagree, but things are better. I doubt that I would have spent the last four months with her, if I didn't really care about her and didn't see some kind of future for us. One possibility is that in a few years we will be married and maybe have some children or at least I know that this is what she wants to happen.

Yawn, its Tuesday and I am tired.

The right wall of my cube at work is now covered with various paintings taken from art magazines that I used to get in the mail. Now I can look at a Max Beckman, an El Greco and or other paintings by people who aren't as famous everyday. I even had a Man Ray photo to add to the mix. Next week I'll decorate the left side of the cube.

Will the fun ever stop? Sigh.

I hope to have a better written entry for tomorrow. Once again I am out of practice.