Saturday Cleaning

Brenda believes in using tanning beds and I do not. My argument is that they are a sure way of getting skin cancer. Her fact based response was that breathing causes cancer. I should mention that this is coming from someone who smokes, so I believe she chooses to believe in what she wants to believe when it comes to health matters. Okay, once again we agree to disagree.

She thought that she could persuade me to start joining her in artificial tanning, but I know that I won't change my mind. Her persuasion technique was to say that I'll have some attractive tan lines if I don't use the beds. So this must mean that superficial appearance comes before health. I don't think that I need to tan my crotch to feel better about myself, but I could be wrong. I also know that I can spend my money on much healthier past times.

Of course she burned herself later this morning when she went tanning and was crabby for the rest of the day. Much lotion was applied and her mood eased slightly. She stated over and over that it would fade by the next day unlike sunburn caused by the sun.

With my Filipino heritage, my skin is naturally darker than most Caucasian people. I also tan fairly easily, so I never think about it.

After Brenda went to work red and crabby, I went to my place and did some thorough cleaning. First I stripped my bed of the sheets and blankets. Then I folded the futon up into the couch position. All of this seemed to make sense because the last time that I slept at home I used the couch.

There are times when I really do miss my place. It represents me and when I am at Brenda's place everywhere I look I see her.

I also think that my music sounds better on my stereo. Her system might be more powerful, but louder is not better when it comes to music. All of the subtlety of music is lost at a certain volume. Her system also lacks an equalizer, so most of the sound from her system sounds flat without one.