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She who is to come

Before I left for work and after I uploaded my entry last night I caught part of a program on television about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. It was a combination biography of him and the recent restoration of the fresco itself. Those images before and after the cleaning always amaze me. I have to see them in person just once before I die.

I fall down every so often and that happened to me this afternoon shortly after I woke up. Thoughts ran to Brenda and other things. I started to question what had happened between us and I wondered what she was doing. She might be having fun, but the odds are high that she is working instead of being out and about on the town. As I have said before the mentals barriers are not quite in place when I first wake up. I am prone to feelings of sadness and longing. All of this starts to pass as I move on to other things.

Its strange how I only remember the good parts of us. There must have been some reasons why I left, but I really don't want to go over that anymore. It doesn't serve any purpose.

Part of the evening was spent paying some bills and a little television watching which leads me to a small confession. I have a slight fondness for the new show Cupid with Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall. One thing that struck me as odd was the concept of Halloween as being one of the big date nights second only to New Years Eve. I never really saw Halloween like that before. I guess that I better start working on finding a girlfriend for the decadent New Years coming up since I missed my chance with Halloween.

Yeah, whatever.

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