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a controlled environment

I think a clear sign that my mood is improving is when I start to write more. Maybe other people do the reverse when they are having a bad day, but I tend to write less. When I am in one of my down periods, I don't want to talk to anyone and that seems to carry over into the journal. Generally just a few lines is enough.

I like summer, but it isn't the same as when I was a child. The freedom to truly enjoy the season isn't there anymore. I can't spend hours each day swimming in a lake. I can't lounge around in a hammock for hours reading comic books like I did when I was twelve. Oh, I may have vacation, but that certainly doesn't equal three months of carefree days and nights.

Early this morning I made a trip to the county courthouse to get a copy of my birth certificate. Since I am flying into Canada I need another form of identification to prove that I am an American citizen. This was all new to me, since none of this was required when I drove across the border with my family.

Since I have decided to stay where I am for another summer, I finally invested in an air conditioning unit. Now I don't have worry about sleeping during the day anymore. It may seem like a trivial matter on a day like today when I free to leave during the day, but later in the week when I have to sleep it will be the only thing that saves me.

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