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invited to dinner

The resident prima donna in our department caught me offguard this morning at work and it wasn't because of what she was wearing either. From what seemed like the middle of nowhere to me, she asked me if wanted to go to dinner this weekend with her and some of her friends. Hearing her say this was not something that I had expected and I have no idea as to what prompted this invitation.

I know that another male coworker is also going and I think that he may have suggested that I might be interested, but I still suspect some kind of ulterior motive. What I mean is that she and I have not exactly been the best of friends since I have been with the company. Despite my mild paranoia, I said that I would be there this Saturday night.

Now I see this as going one of either two ways. In the more positive scenario, she will be completely friendly and charming outside the work environment, which I have been told is the case. Some people are known to act differently than they do at work and she might fall into that category.

Perhaps after a night of pleasant conversation things between us at work will go more smoothly than they have in the past. Somewhere through the course of the night we will come to understand each other better. Somehow all of this sounds a little too hopeful if not outright corny to me.

As for me being different at work, I like to believe that I am myself wherever I might go. I don't see the need to alter my personality to suit the whims of someone else. Oh, I refrain from cursing at work and generally act in a civilized manner, but I try my hardest not to be overtly fake. Besides if I was another person at work than I am at home, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from laughing.

The other outcome from this dinner will be that I have set myself up for a lengthy verbal brawl with some fallout that will linger for weeks. Free of the confines of work we might just unleash on one another until someone decides to pull us apart.

Part of me also has to wonder if I'll get along with her friends since I already have problems with her from time to time. Usually people tend to surround themselves with other people with similar interests and tastes so I imagine that they must be slightly like her.

I also have to wonder if I give off that strong of a lonely guy vibe. I sincerely hope that that isn't the case. So often people think that I must be bored out of my mind all of the time and need someone to get me to be more socially active, but that really isn't true. Generally speaking I do quite fine with my spare time and don't feel the need to be around people.

My other big fear about the night is that I am being set up to meet someone and just thinking about it makes me shiver and wonder if I said yes too quickly.

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