Michelangelo sibyl from the Sistine Chapel


just a few words

A day filled with quiet everyday moments of paying bills, doing laundry and eating pizza. Most of these activities were done in a mental haze.

A day where everything lay beneath a layer of clouds with the sun nowhere to be seen. It almost felt like autumn.

A day where I only spoke to two people neither of which I knew. One of them was a woman friend of the downstairs neighbors and the other person was the guy at the pizza place where I had to repeat everything I said twice.

A day where I probably spoke less than three dozen words all day, none of which had any real meaning. I'd like to order one large pizza with sausage please. I'm fine, thanks and yourself? Not much real interaction there.

A day where screaming children at the laundromat seemed to be a very effective statement for birth control.

A day where I was surprised to learn that Gillian Anderson turned thirty-one years old. I guess I already thought of her being in her mid-thirties.

listening: Run Lola Run soundtrack
reading: White Crosses - Larry Watson
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