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berlin to amsterdam

Now that some time has passed I realize that I probably overreacted yesterday, but I still know that Saturday night will be a little different no matter what may or may not happen.


Since I slept a large portion of the day away, I didn't have much time to either think or do something worth mentioning. In fact this seems to be the recent trend for the past couple of days. Work, sleep and repeat make up my week.


I still find it hard to believe that I've been back from my trip for two weeks now. Unless someone asks me about the trip it seems to slip away from me and I want to remember as much as I can about it.

Just last month I was sleeping in a different country every other day and talking with people from all over the world. I miss that life and I wish that I could get it back again in some way.

I also wish that I would have gotten Andrea from Melbourne's email address. Sigh. I don't even know her last name. I talked with her from Prague on to Berlin and it just never came up in the conversation.

According to Andrea I have a bounce to my walk. It seems that her and the girl from Brazil were watching how my brother and I walked when we were on our walking tour of Berlin. I wasn't quite sure what to do with this small piece of information.

From Berlin we both made our way on to Amsterdam where we walked through the red light district together. We got high together. Okay, there were more people than just the two of us, but she was the one sitting with me.

Somewhere in Melbourne there is a picture of a very stoned me with my head in her lap. I'd like to see that photo just once if I could. Now that I think of it someone else took a photo of us as well. I remember more than one flash going off amidst the smoke.


More often than not people were identified by their native country. My brother and I were the Yanks mixed in with the Brits and Aussies with a Kiwi here and there. It was a great way to live for three weeks.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am going to go back.

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