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some more staropromen

Mornings like today make working third shift worthwhile. Since I've been back home the weather has mostly been hot and humid, but last night the humidity died away and I could relax on my porch this morning without sweating. Just knowing that other people were trapped inside while I watched my grill smoke made me smile. It was a great way to end my day.


On a whim I bought the latest issue of Premiere magazine this morning. A friend of mine had told me that Anna Kournikova was on the cover of GQ and I wanted to see what was so special about her. I saw it, nodded and moved to the other side of the aisle where I saw Drew Barrymore snuggled in between Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. The three of them were promoting the upcoming remake of Charlie's Angels that I probably won't see when it's released, but I bought the magazine anyway. I figured that if I don't have the time to see the movies I can at least read about them.


On the political front, I am giving the same amount of attention to the Democratic national convention that I did the Republican one. I haven't seen any of either of them. To be blunt, I woke up just in time tonight to catch the final fifteen minutes of Survior and that was all the television that I needed. American television was not something that I missed when I was on vacation. My goal was to avoid as much American culture be it low or high as possible.

While I was in Europe the only television that I saw was German MTV in the hostel at Prague. My brother and I were drinking Staropromen, which I highly recommend, while next to us a small group of Australians were playing a drinking game that involved blowing cards off of the top of a bottle. What made the scene even more odd was the fact that it was a hip hop weekend on MTV and all of the videos were rap oriented.

I don't think that I saw one black person in all of the Czech Republic. What I did see was a fourteen year old proudly walking down one of the cobbled streets with his portable stereo blasting some rap song. Personally I had to wonder if he even knew where South Central was located in the United States.


In my opinion Jay Leno hasn't been funny in years, but I had hoped that he could at least interview people. Now after watching the Tuesday night show with Sinead O'Connor on it, I know that I overestimated him. The man is awful when it comes to creating a rapport no matter how fake it might be for the few minutes that he has to maintain it.

When we were in Vienna I bought her latest album. Yes, I know that I should have been thinking Mozart while I was there, but I just needed to unload some shillings and she seemed more appealing to me.

Well, anyway back to Sinead on The Tonight Show. All that Leno could focus on was her pierced tongue and it seemed very trivial to me. All of his questions were on that same issue. He didn't ask her about her music or anything that might have had some depth in it. To be fair maybe he wanted to keep the interview low key and avoid anything too controversial from being said. Whatever his reasons might have been, I was rather disappointed with his line of questioning and I have to imagine that she felt the same way.


Ann took us by surprise at work last night. When I walked through the door she was sitting with her back to me. At first I noticed that she had changed her hair, but it wasn't until she stood up that I got the full effect.

She was clad in a form hugging black outfit that was anything but professional. Now on third shift I don't have to worry about what I wear as long as I don't look as though I just walked off of the street. She however had come into the office late in the afternoon when management and the rest of the serious business crowd was still present. I imagine that she probably turned a few heads when she walked through the door.

She certainly got my attention and I had to touch the fabric just once. Thankfully she took it all in stride even when another coworker asked her if she was trying to be catwoman. I was thinking something more along the lines of The Matrix while another coworker mentioned Emma Peel.

Naturally the other woman coworker was even more harsh on Ann than we were with our comments. At least we could say ours to her face and not get into trouble.

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