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I may have dismissed Anna Kournikova a little too quickly. After work this morning I went to her site and without a doubt I have to say that she is one good looking tennis player. Putting aside her appearance for a moment, I also have to say that someone is certainly marketing her to the fullest and I'm not just talking about her bra endorsements either. Her website is immense.

Now I am not a young teenage girl, but I would think that someone like Anna must be a nice positive role model. Besides her the only other famous young women athletes that I can think of by name would be Mia Hamm and Gabrielle Reese. Then again I don't follow any sports. None of it interests me.

Once in a while I'll watch something an individual might do, but team sports aren't worth my time. One person I can admire for their skill and talent, but professional teams make me sick.

No professional athlete should be paid the amount of money that they make today. Their function in society isn't that important. Teachers and scientists should make more money than athletes, but that isn't how society operates. Yes, I know that all of this sounds very high minded if not naive, but I will never support an athletic team.

Of course this same line of thinking could probably be applied to people in the entertainment industry, but I like to think that art serves a higher function in society that sports. As to what qualifies as art is another matter.


Maybe I'm wrong, but I like to think that I am more upbeat after having been to Europe. Those three weeks really let me step outside of everything that I knew and it was so freeing. Suddenly I am sounding like a new age guru spouting useless catch phrases, but learning to take the unexpected in stride has carried over back into my home life. I hope that this trend continues through the rest of the year.


All of the self control that I mentioned when it comes to spending disappeared late this morning. Before I fell asleep I decided to purchase a nice speaker system for my computer. In my defense it's probably been close to a year since I bought my current system and it didn't come with speakers. So to compensate for this deficiency, I have had to listen to my mp3 files by using headphones. Now all of that has changed.

I may not own a digital camera or DVD player, but my computer is going to make the floor vibrate.

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