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Late this morning at work, I stumbled across one of the wonders of the web. Someone had created a fake teaser trailer for Episode II of the Star Wars saga. Once I read about it, I knew that I had to see and download a copy for myself. Using scenes from the other films in the series interwoven with clips from films with the same actors in them, he managed to create a fairly believable piece of video. Of course George Lucas mildly grumbled when asked to comment about it.


When I got home from work this morning I knew that it was going to be a long day. Instead of going to sleep at noon like I usually do, I wanted to catch a matinee of the new Jennifer Lopez film, The Cell. The earliest show was at one o'clock and I figured that that would be easier for me to get to than the show at seven at night.

It was the first movie that I've seen in months and I think that I made a good choice. The story itself was nothing that innovative, but the cinematography was well worth seeing. Each dream land as they referred to them in the credits was done by a different special effects crew and they had to be the most interesting landscapes that I have seen in a long time. When she wandered around in these worlds, the scenery changed within an instant just like it does in a dream.

I'm not saying that it was the must see film of the summer, but it was still fun to watch Jennifer move around in these elaborate costumes. Vincent D'Onofrio also did a good job of being his usual psychotic self, but his best role will always be Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket.


By the time that I got out of the theater I knew that I was pushing the limit if I still wanted to be able to get a decent amount of sleep. Unfortunately I had a couple of more stops to make before I could go to bed. First of all I had to drop by to see Jose and return the books that he lent me to read. Now with most people this wouldn't be a problem. I'd be able to drop the books off and run. With Jose it's a different story. Whenever I see him we always end up talking for at least an hour if not a couple of hours. Today however I managed to get away after just one.


Once I was home, I quickly grabbed the mail and found two things that were worth my time. One of them was good and the other wasn't so good. The not so good piece was an envelope with the return to sender stamp on it. It was a money order that I had mailed for an ebay auction. It seems that the buyer who said that he was moving gave me an incorrect address. The good piece of mail was my tickets for the fall season at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Once again I'll be sitting in the balcony starting on Friday, the fifteenth of September.

I had only been lying in bed for about five minutes when the doorbell rang. It was the delivery guy with my new computer speakers. I had been half expecting him, but I wasn't sure if I had missed him by going to the movie or not.

It was so tempting to try and set them up before I went to sleep, but the lure of my bed was stronger.

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