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another saturday night

The first thing that I did after work was unpack my new computer speakers. It didn't matter that I needed sleep. They had spent the whole night in the box without being used and I didn't want to waste another moment.

As I was unpacking I noticed that I was missing a cable that the packing sheet said should have been inside the box. This was not a good sign. I looked and looked but I couldn't find it anywhere. Somehow the box had been shipped without all the parts and this did not make me happy. From what I could tell from the instructions, the speakers wouldn't work without that one cable. Essentially they were useless.

In my sleep deprived anger, I went out in search of a replacement cable. Waiting until Monday was not an option. Thankfully my destination was just a few short blocks down the street and after some awkward help from the staff, I walked away with what I hoped was the right cable.

Naturally I was wrong. The cable didn't work. The plug ends only had one groove on them when I think that they needed to have two. Whatever wasn't right was enough to make me even more upset, but I didn't feel like driving to yet another store. It just wasn't worth the effort with my sleep window getting smaller and smaller. Another coworker had invited me to a house warming party and I wanted to spend some time there before I went to work.


The party had a very different feel to the dinner that I attended last week, but I knew that it would be that way.

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