Michelangelo sibyl from the Sistine Chapel


maybe a moonbeam

It's almost two in the afternoon and my brain is slowly shutting down for the day. Very little sleep in the past two days has left me fairly disoriented, but here I sit listening to the Latin Playboys singing Forever Nightshade Mary. The song is pulsing out of my new computer speakers.

Yes, I finally got them to work, but it took another investment in a four dollar cable to get to this point. I haven't decided if I am going to return the first cable that I bought yesterday. At the moment it isn't important. All that matters is that I can hear Forever Nightshade Mary without wearing headphones.

The first time that I heard the song was on the television show Northern Exposure. It was featured in the episode where Rob Morrow left the show. Joel was riding a boat in the New York harbor and this song was playing in the background. I never forgot it.


I didn't mean to slight the party that I went to last night. I still had a nice time, it just wasn't as formal as the dinner. Instead of a multiple course meal it was more of a cookout with bratwurst.


Ann and I talked for about three hours this morning at work. Over the course of our conversations I've come to know her better than some of the other people in my department and I've known them for two years.

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