on autopilot sunday

In an effort to better explain the look I want for my living room, I brought my copy of the movie Raise the Red Lantern with me to work. Not only is it a movie with a great story, but it also has some stunning sets filled naturally enough with red lanterns that make mine look sad by comparison. Both of my coworkers were impressed by what they saw and agreed that it was good look.

Alias continues on its high note and it'll be odd not having a new episode next week.

Not too surprisingly today was an off day for me in almost complete contrast to yesterday. Maybe years of seeing Sunday as a recovery day have made it hard for me to enjoy it or keep any kind of active pace. Up until a couple of months ago, Sunday was the start of my weekend and I could take things slow. Now it's just the half way point for me.

For the next three weeks I have one play a week to see and then I'm off on my trip. Hopefully that should be enough to keep me busy. I also need to stop by the campus to pick up my final work from last semester and talk with a couple of my professors about the fall. It'll be odd to be back on campus for just a couple of hours at most.

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