snow cover again

The plant that I mentioned yesterday was delivered right in the middle of the afternoon when I was sound asleep. So once the plant was unwrapped and proudly set on display, I couldn't fall back asleep. There was however something to see outside my window for the next few hours and I was glad that I was awake to see it. The first real snowstorm of the season was just getting started.

Up until today all that we have gotten is a dusting here and there with no real accumulation. That changed late yesterday afternoon as the snow started to get more and more intense. At one point it was coming down so hard that I couldn't see any of buildings down the hill from where I live. Everything was blurred by a light gray sheet of snow. At the moment I was never happier not to be working a regular nine to five job. Rush hour became a nightmare for most people while I watched from the comfort of my home.


By the time that Buffy started on television I was starting to get tired again. I couldn't really focus on what was being said, but I remember bits and pieces. The best part of the episode was the exchange between Buffy and Willow that included the phrase bidet of evil.


Jen had invited me out to eat with some friends of hers. It seems that it was meant to be a birthday gathering of sorts and I said that that was fine with me. I had never been to that restaurant before and Jen and I usually have a nice time together. I also thought that it would be nice to put some faces with the names that she mentions in her stories.

Once we got to the restaurant I remembered how awkward those kinds of things can be for me. Besides Jen there was only one other person there that I knew and I had only met her twice before. Now I imagine that most people can strike up some kind of conversation with people that they don't know, but that has never been something that I do well. Somehow I just seem to get real quiet and wait for someone to talk to me first.

I didn't have a bad time, but I'm still a little confused as to why Jen invited me out. I think that she could have had just as nice of a time without me being there. Maybe she would have been the only single person there. I don't know, because as I said they were all strangers to me. They however all seemed to be friends for years.

Being the odd man out is not the best role for me, but it is something that I've done before and will probably do again. It takes time for me to get comfortable around people and that was obvious tonight. Oh, I wasn't completely mute for the night, but I was not a chatterbox either.

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