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I have a one final comment about the outing last night before I move on to today's events.

Being driven somewhere last night reminded me of being in high school. Most if not all of the time I drive myself whenever I need to get somewhere, but that wasn't the case last night. Jen's friend Megan had offered to drive the three of us to the restaurant and that was fine with me since I didn't know where we were going anyway.

Sitting in the back seat listening to the two of them was odd and entertaining. I was treated to about twenty solid minutes of girl talk, which is not something that I hear that often. Usually my only exposure to that kind of exchange is when a current girlfriend gets together with a female friend and my presence seems to fade into the background.

As we were leaving Megan and Jen decided to take a peek under the toga worn by the giant David statue at the front of the restaurant. This was quickly followed by a series of comments about size and girth. Sigh. It was cute and very them, but I just kept my mouth shut during this exchange and hoped that they would move on to something else.


I had two dreams about Nicole that I have to mention even though no one but me will care about them. In the first one she had cut and lightened her hair. It was a shock to me even though she has been talking about getting it cut for some time now. In the dream she seemed to be happy with the new look and wanted to hear what I thought about it. Naturally I said that she looked as beautiful as ever and she did.

In the second dream she was swimming in what had to be the Mediterranean Sea even though it was never mentioned in the dream by either of us. I could just tell by the color of the sky and the water. Seeing her on a beach was even more odd than the first dream since in a recent conversation she said that she will never wear a swimsuit again. Now let me back up a moment and explain why this topic came up in conversation. Apparently there is a chance for her fiance and her to take a vacation to Cancun and not too surprisingly that destination doesn't really appeal to her. She has no interest in lounging on a beach and I knew that was one of her primary reasons for not wanting to go. Okay, back to the dream.

There she was walking back on to the beach after having clearly been in the water and I don't think that I have seen her look as inviting.

As often as I talk about and see her, this has to be one of the first times that she has been in my dreams or at least this is one of the few times that I remembered her being in them.


I made a return to the local Home Depot for something that I couldn't seem to find the other day when I was half awake. I wanted to hide the wire from my hanging lamp and maybe the speaker wires from my entertainment center as well. This time I was successful and went home with exactly what I needed.

The last time that I was there I was greeted at the front of the store by this attractive young woman. Naturally I smiled, said hello back to her and kept on walking. I relayed this story to my parents and was curious as to why a hardware store would have a greeter. They thought that I was insane and told me that the store doesn't have greeters and that the girl was probably just flirting with me and I didn't realize it at the time. Sigh.

If anyone is wondering she wasn't there today when I went to get my stuff.


The writers on Alias do a better job that I thought. On the show she comes across as being reasonably intelligent, but I couldn't see any of that in her Conan O'Brien interview.

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