red friday came

This was the probably the best three day weekend that I have had in a while. From my perspective there was very little wasted time and I even managed to have a small amount of fun instead of just being productive. Over the past three days, I watched some new movies, did laundry, went out to eat, helped my parents set up their new television and did some reading. Hopefully this trend will continue until I leave on my trip next month.


After watching two of the Galaxy Express 999 films, I remembered something that I had learned when I first got into Neon Genesis Evangelion a year or so ago. The pattern that I have seen develop is that the films are a very condensed version of the series and the television series tends to be a slightly edited version of the manga. Each different rendition is a watered down version of the previous one. I guess if a person only saw the film it wouldn't matter, but things do get lost from the series to the film with the gap between the manga and the film being even greater.

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