no blizzard here

My weekend started on a good note. I left work this morning feeling good even though nothing has been resolved with the Nicole situation. She made a brief appearance in my department, but didn't say anything to me. I didn't say anything to her either. Personally I think that it may be too soon to talk, but I don't want to dwell on it during my weekend. Maybe things will be different later this week.

Honestly I don't want to lose someone who has been a source of happiness for so many years over one conversation that was spoken about her and not with her.


Unlike the east coast, winter has been a non event here in Wisconsin. Snow may be falling in feet instead of inches out there, but most of the winter has been bare here. Now not only have we managed to escape any real amount of snow, but we are also being spoiled by some rather warm temperatures.


Lately Tuesdays have been all about relaxing and that is exactly what I did today. No bills were paid. No phone calls were made. No shopping was done. Today was mainly spent on the couch either reading or watching television with a snack break here and there.

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