five thirty sunset

The sun had been shining for hours tempting me to go outside. The weather forecast had said that above average temperatures were going to accompany that bright sunshine. It all sounded promising, but I didn't know if it was the truth or not. Since I needed to get out of the house to get an answer, a quick jaunt to the library on foot was enough to tell me that the weather was perfect for a long walk. Once my tax forms had been dropped off at my place, I went back outside and headed towards the bike trail.

It was probably the longest that I've been outside all year and it felt good. With the sun on my face and just a hint of a breeze, I headed west on the trail. During the summer I usually head east on the bike, so I wanted to try something different.

In the shade snow still covered the trail, but it didn't slow me down. Riding a bike might have been a little difficult, but there was no stopping foot power. Doing something physical was the best part of the day and it made me look forward to being in New Zealand next month. Soon I won't be just walking on a bike trail. I'll be standing on a glacier.


Just as I was finishing with my supper, Jen called to go over our plans for tomorrow night. Shakespeare is on the menu and she suggested going out for drinks before the play. After a moment or two of contemplating this idea, I said yes. This response was then followed by a flurry of possible drunken outbursts from us during the play.

Hey, this is all about faeries.

What the hell kinda name is Titania?

Why does he look like a donkey? Oh, he's an ass.

Okay, those probably don't sound as funny to anyone else, but that's the kind of humor a drama major and an English major produce.

It should be a fun night and I can say that I've never done any drinking on or near the campus so that should put things in a different light as well. I'm also curious to see if either one of us runs into anyone that we'll know. This will the first time on campus for me since last semester and this will be the first time that she has been back since she graduated over a year ago.

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