shakespeare on alcohol

Taking advantage of the unusual heat wave I went for another walk this afternoon. This time there was little more of a breeze, but it still felt good to be outside in the sun and doing something physical. I've been working out at home most of the year, but it isn't the same as being able to do something in the open air.


We only had time for about two drinks before the play started, but both of those were downed in less than an hour. No, that isn't right. Both of us slammed our second drink within minutes of finishing the first one so that we could make our way across the street to the theater. I was convinced that we were going to be late, but we made it with just enough time for one final bathroom break before we went to look for our seats.

As we sat down both of us agreed that we didn't have enough time to drink and needed more alcohol. A carryout from the restaurant would have been ideal, but obviously that didn't happen.

Sitting in my seat feeling a tad buzzed I was amazed at how close we were to the stage. Without planning it our seats were in the third row and no one was sitting in front of us. It was perfect and if I had had a few more drinks, I am sure that we would have been asked to leave. Thankfully we managed to stop laughing by the time the lights dimmed and the first two actors took the stage.

The four lovers in the play were dressed in Victorian attire and the faeries all looked as though they were Stevie Nicks fan club members. More than one of them had a shawl and one of them even had the scarf around the head look that screamed cartoon fortune teller. The costuming did not impress me, although I must confess that Helena looked pretty yummy, but I don't think that that had to do with what she was wearing.

A Midsummer Night's Dream has never been one of my favorite plays, but it has to be one of the plays that I have seen the most. Maybe people prefer comedies or tragedies. I however tend to like the latter better.

The performance itself was fine. What interested me more was the audience. Since I usually see plays at the Milwaukee Rep, I am used to seeing rows of gray hair. Tonight I was probably one of the older people in the crowd. It was an odd change of pace.

Oh, that breeze that mentioned earlier was a full blown wind tunnel on the east side as we made our way back to the car. Then as we were driving along, I noticed something sticking out of the hood of my car. I jokingly asked her what that could be and at the light I got out, grabbed it and handed it to her. At first she thought that it was a mistake, but we quickly learned that Officer Flowers had rewarded me with a parking ticket. Sigh.

She was the one who had chosen the spot and kept apologizing over and over. I had wanted to park a little further away than we had.

After putting the park ticket incident behind us, we were off to do some more drinking and once again she knew where she wanted to go. Now I did most of my serious drinking years ago when I was away at college so any drinking spots in Milwaukee are a mystery to me.

When we got there it looked like a typical Milwaukee bar or in other words a house that someone had converted into a bar at sometime and I wondered why she wanted to go there. Once inside I was surprised to see the amount of people out on a Thursday night, but then again I don't go out that much myself so I had nothing to go by. She however said that it was kind of empty.

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