fading into work

Since I got home at three this morning and went to sleep at five, most of today was spent in a daze. One would think that that sounds like a normal third shift schedule, but I didn't feel quite like myself when I woke up at eleven. Something tells me that the alcohol from the night before played a factor in that not so alert feeling that I had for most of the day. I didn't even feel like staying outside to enjoy the weather. All that I wanted was some water and more sleep.

Despite the groggy after effects, it was good time last night and that was to be expected. Jen and I usually find a way to have fun. Both of us agreed that it would have better to do all of our drinking in one spurt. Having the play in the middle slowed both of us down.


Today was a bonus day for mail. I not only did I get the Japanese lamp that I ordered online, but I also got my latest Gong Li DVD purchase. If I had been more wide awake, I might have tried to watch Temptress Moon. Plus on the electronic front I heard back from the two professors that I emailed earlier in the week. What this means is that I'll probably be heading back to the campus sometime next week to get my final exam from last semester.

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