Peaceful Easy Feeling

For the first hour and a half this morning at work, I threw together some hasty journal entries for the past weekend. I really wanted to have something uploaded for Saturday and Sunday. They might not be as elaborate or as fresh as they might have been if I had written them on the same day as they happened, but at least I have something.

I didn't have any cds with me this morning at work, so it felt like forever. Music not only makes me feel better, but accelerates the day for me. It can free me from the monotony of what I am doing and drown out any background chatter that could annoy me.

I really enjoyed yesterday's bike ride. Not only did it feel good to be doing something active, but that was probably the longest that I have been outside in a long time. We had started out at about one in the afternoon and returned two hours later with the heat of the sun warming us as we rode. Sunglasses were firmly in place, because we need to make a fashion statement at all times.

I think that I appreciate the physicality of riding the most. Sure I can look at what is around me, but at the same time I become more focused on what my body is doing. The movement of my body becomes the uppermost concern for me and everything else slips away. My body has to respond to the machine beneath it and the ground beneath the bike. The mind relaxes and I become more like a machine. Muscle takes precedence over the mind and everything is in harmony. Physical activity frees the mind.

Every so often I would be brought back to reality by the sound of Brenda changing gears. She couldn't decide what speed she liked best and I would have to brake to avoid hitting her. I had let her lead, because I knew that it would be more relaxing for me. She could decide where we would go and I could find my own groove.

There are times when I say things that hurt Brenda, but its not intentional. Then there are the times when she treats me like a child. I am starting to wonder where the problem exists.