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Creaking plastic

My Tuesdays mirror my Sundays in terms of a schedule. In the morning, I am relaxed and take my time doing anything and everything. Then when the sun sets I start to think about sleeping. On Sundays its because I am tired, but on Tuesdays its because I have to work. I always try to get a nap in before I go to work on a Tuesday night.

Most of the morning was spent reading The Land Remembers and lounging around. Then in the afternoon I got the urge to redesign the look of my desktop on my computer. I did some experimenting with ResEdit and Kaliedoscope, but wasn't happy with anything that I had made. It almost felt as though I had wasted the entire afternoon, because I had nothing to show for it.

The wind is punishing the plastic on my southern window once again. All day it has been creaking under the strain and trying my patience at the same time, because it has to be one of the most annoying sounds that I have heard in a while.


written input at the moment: The Land Remembers - Ben Logan
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